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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Bigblocdude, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Bigblocdude Traveler Alpha Tester

    I wanted to suggest:

    While mining, have RARE random explosions, that do not damage map, but toss player back.

    Like they hit a pocket of gas and it exploded. Player can get damaged but not much (maybe % of fall damage) Just to give a since of danger also.

    Scraping enchanted gear, If part has 1 or more enchants, when scrapped, get 1 back. If possible in code, always get one back, but have chance to get up to all back.
    NO preview options to check if you will get it back.
    1) only on T1 to T3 gear.
    2) all gear but Only on Common and Uncommon
    3) get enchant back BUT no scrap (trade OFF)
    4) Small % but have Blacksmith profession where % increases as profession progresses. And can old get enchants back from the tier the blacksmith is currently at.
    A) This can function in a trade a Blacksmith tool that a player buys.
    B) Anvils can be replaced with Player Anvils with varying prices, as players use the anvils, player gets stronger ( Player MUST be near anvil for FULL XP, but if places it down and leaves gets smaller %)
    C) Anvils are still in play but at higher $$.
    D) area set aside for player anvils and costs to rent locations.
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  2. Cool_Dude_53 Kinda Cool Staff Member Owner Alpha Tester

    Hey @Bigblocdude

    To make suggestions, you use the command /report suggestions <suggestion> in game. You can then review them at the github link you posted.

    I like your idea for mining and will put it on our list.

    The point of enchanted gear is that the enchantment is permanent...but will keep this in consideration when we implement a more advanced system that is already on our list.
  3. Bigblocdude Traveler Alpha Tester

    I can see that about enchants,

    But that is where a master blacksmith can learn the ancient secrets of enchanting and the art of removals.

    Make the anvils either state-run at a set price for repairs and a player with a blacksmith profession can run their own anvil and item repair and enchanting service.

    Idea I am thinking to enhance enchants for all items.

    Current system you find or make enchants, click to apply. Find protect scrolls, but only up to plus 8. After that you roll the dice and gamble on successfulness.

    What if there was a blacksmith profession, where as a player levels in the profession, they can do it by enchanting and repairing the items, the profession can also replace the protect scrolls to a point.

    It can be an anvil area rented by players and they set the rates for repairs.

    Guilds can have their own blacksmith to enhance the guilds items.

    Once certain levels are reached (high) the lost art of enchant removal can be learned.

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