Respawning in lava and dying again

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Shayla656, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Shayla656 Traveler Alpha Tester

    I got a new weapon and was fighting mobs accidentally falling in lava obviously I died. Then I respawned back in the lava. Not only did my armor take a ton of damage my newly bought weapon broke. After dying again I finally respawned properly with a lovely set of starter gear. Going back to where I died there were two chests "graves" one on top of the other, both above the lava. Opening one of them had my stuff but no armor or weapon inside. Closing the chest it broke "like normal", but as it broke it caused my other grave to break too making the rest of my stuff fall into lava.

    My question is, "Is this a bug? .... or two? Can it be fixed? Can I hope for compensation of a new weapon?"
    Even though my weapon only had 31-31 damage I wanted to point this out now before I get into a higher level and it happens again. I mean who wants the demerits of armor and weapon damage not once but twice for no good reason?
  2. Cool_Dude_53 Kinda Cool Staff Member Owner Alpha Tester

    Thanks so much for your report, yes this is a slew of bugs! I will be fixing them!

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