1.12.2 Patch 0.8.3 Notes

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    • Changed price of turtle rock and glacier teleports
    • Increased zombie speed
    • Revamped the potion items
    • Unique can no longer drop common items
    • Increased chance of getting regular enchant from elite drop
    • Changed 'party quit' command to 'party leave' (but you can still use both)
    • Ancient gear doesn't take more durability when fighting same tier and tier above
    • Enhancements are now activated by clicking shift
    • Profession items now get a bonus stat when maxed out
    • Instantly mount horses in safe zones
    • Added world reports for reporting issues with the world design
    • Send a message when hit by a mob out of your danger zone
    • Staff projectiles are useless when fighting mobs above your danger zone
    • Enhancement cooldown is now 3 minutes instead of 5
    • You can no longer stack gem pouches
    • Cancelling set repair no longer gives you an armor stand
    • Party chat command fixed
    • Leaving safe zones that overwrite other zones changes correctly (glacier safezone issue)
    • Attributes are now hidden on new profession items
    • Campfire fixes
    • Can now withdraw replacement ruins again
    • PVP is now enabled
    • Issues with gem drops
    • Glacier tp location
    • Various fishing fixes
    • Advisors in /stafflist is no longer blank
    • Enhancement reseting
    • Not earning xp on your last campfire use
    • Unique mobs dropping common
    • Leveling up a profession item sends all the new stats in chat
    • Paid extras (pets) are now persistent to wipes
    • Mobs lose their crit when reflected and dodged
    • Projectile mobs can fire when on ladders
    • Can now instant eat all fish
    • Fish give consistent hunger/saturation
    • Strength explosions no longer do damage in safezones
    • Can no longer infinitely promote players in a house
    • Fixed issues when a mob is out of danger zone and critting
    • Safespot fix
    • A player can no longer trade you if you are moving items around in your inventory
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